Quicky on Me

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I was born in North Carolina in 1981. Over the course of the first 18-years of my life I attended 10 schools, and bounced around between North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. At age 7 I was introduced to computers by my grandmother during a computer camp school over summer break. Over the next 3-weeks I would be introduced to the world of computing, and this is where my passion turned into a way of life.

I’ve lived in big cities, and small rural towns like St. Augustine, Florida, where I tended a 25-acre ranch including 4 horses, 23 cows, and too many dogs. Managing the ranch was a great lesson in hard work. It taught me that digging ditches and shoveling crap was just part of life – it taught me to keep my hands dirty, and never forget my roots. For more words of wisdom read my post 99 Lesson’s Learned as an Internet Entrepreneur.

Today, my goals consist of:

1) Building, protecting, and re-enforcing my family.
2) Dreaming big and thinking outside of the box.
3) Nurturing the relationships I’ve made with friends and business colleagues.
4) Building powerful web-based technology platforms.
5) Developing efficient processes and practicing Kaizen in everything I do.
6) Creating wealth in the short term to invest into passive income producers for long term stability.
7) Golfing, playing ping pong, traveling, sleeping, working out, snowboarding, and remodeling my home.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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