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2012 iAcquire Video – Funny & Emotional

iAcquire had a crazy run in 2012. We set some records in a lot of ways. It pushed us to the max, but the team pulled through, as they always do.

We started the year with 50 employees. We ended the year with 90. We took hits, we took wins, but at the end of the day we did what we do, and we got better.

I love this video, and I hope you do too. This is my life. Thank you to my business partner Jay Swansson for coming up with the idea to do the video, and his brother Lane Swansson for editing it. Kyle Bastian did the shooting, and the whole team contributed to the vision. Hope you enjoy.

iAcquire Holiday Party

iAcquire holiday party was at the Joe G residence this year. It was an awesome turn out – we had about 50 people in attendance. The video included features over 2,000 photos, and a custom iAcquire rap by our guy Aaron Alexander. Thanks Reza!