Thanksgiving Feast for The People

My good friend Alan Lerner planned and directed the 6th annual Thanksgiving Feast for the People. It’s not actually called that, but might as well give it a name. We really enjoy attending and volunteering each year (3rd year so far).

Tammy and I cooked up about 20 lbs of green bean casserole, which was a small addition to the hundreds of pounds of food served. This was the biggest feast I’ve ever seen. The selection was tremendous, and we had about 20 gracious volunteers helping setup, prep, serve, and take down.

We setup guerrilla warfare style – no permits, no asking – just showed up like a big flash mob and got it on. We served right in front of the shelter in downtown Phoenix, so there was quite a few interesting characters running around, but 99% of the audience was very gratuitous. I wanted to take more pictures of the lines, but I’m not sure the crowd would have appreciated it so I kept the picture taking to a minimum.

Shout out to iAcquire’s Jenna Meeker and Aaron Alexander, and the rest of my friends that showed up like Sam Harbison, Dulce Harbison, Anthony Harding, and Danielle Frost. That was a lot of fun guys, and I look forward to doing it with you again next year!